Are You Tired Of Your Job Then Find Out How To Do Something You Love To Do

What Is Passion?
If you want to make things right, you need to love what you do. It is not just a story. The secret is to “Do what you like”. Just by saying that to people is not enough. Doing what you like is a complicated thing.
Why don’t we like our job?
The basic idea is that we are somehow far from what we learned as children. Back then, it seemed like the work and fun were opposed by definition. The life only had two aspects: sometimes, the adults forced you to do some things, and this meant work. During the rest of your day, you were free to do whatever you wanted, and this meant fun. Sometimes, things that adults did were entertaining, so this was fun work, and some other times, when you used to fall while playing, it was not so fun. Even so, the work is considered as the opposite of fun since childhood.

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Why is it more convenient to fake that you like what you do?
If everybody would appreciate their work, we would be living in the perfect world where everything is fun, but we all know that this is not the case. Form here, the traditions of the middle class come. In any American house, you will find chairs that are in fact imitations of the chairs used by the Kings of France, and the owners of those chairs simply don’t know that, because they are used with those chairs for their entire lifetime.
The principle is the same with work. In major companies, the work is organized in a way that gives the employees the impression that they like what they do, and this is an imitation of the work of managers and owners of the company, which really like what they do.

What is wrong with education.
Until children are of the age that allows them to think about what they actually like to do, the majority of them are already guided in a wring direction about what means to love work. School teaches them to consider work as an unpleasant but necessary task. It has been told that having a job is me difficult than what you do at school. Even so, the adults say that they like what they are doing. There is no wonder that children are confused.
In fact, they are cheated three times: things presented at school as being work is not actually work. The work of adults is not worse than what they do at school. Many adults at school lie when they say that they like their work.
The most dangerous liars are in fact the parents. If you take a boring job just to have a comforting financial situation, as many of us do, you risk to make your children consider that work is boring. A parent that gives such an example to a child is not doing something good for that child.
How much you must like what you do? Until you don’t know that, you must search. If you underestimate the problem, preferring the comfort of a relative financial safety, you will never be actually happy.

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