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Robber Unaware He Attacked MMA Fighter And She Punishes Him For Dear Life

In Brazil a sobbing robber was left begging for his “Papa” in the Spanish language as on this very day, he made probably the biggest mistake of his life. The amateur mugger Wesley Sousa De Araujo, attempted to attack a woman, who he obviously was unaware she was a six-time martial arts champion.
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In the video, the crying and screaming robber, Araujo, was the one pleading for the police after former female MMA fighter Monique Bastos took him down with a jiu-jitsu move, ending in a submissionable leg head lock.

Looking so ever calm and collective the whole time she kept her legs locked in formation taunting the helpless robber, pointed a finger at his head gesturing to him he must had picked the wrong chick to mess with today. The poor guy stayed in the choke hold until the cops finally turned up.
It is known the local thief cornered Bastos and friend while on a motorbike demanding they hand over their mobile phones. Lets just say I doubt they ended up handing over their phones to say the least…

It turns out the female martial arts fighter Ms Bastos is a six-times MMA champion, who has a blue belt in jiu-jitsu.
bastos robber

Footage of 23-year old MMA Fighter Monique Bastos having a robber in a choke leg lock crying for dear life.

Via: Go Tropa

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