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These Everyday Things You Use In Your Day, Under A Microscope Will Shock You

In case you never payed attention to what everyday things you use looks like under a microscope, you are about to get a rude awakening. It’s a scientific fact if you had a powerful enough microscope and you were capable of looking through your flesh right now, you would see things you had never imagined were even possible. We are more than we think we are and these pics will prove it.
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Dental hygiene is on top of the priority list because having clean teeth is a must. The feeling of dirty teeth is the worst thing. You might want to reconsider cleaning your teeth now with dental floss or definitely make sure you wash your hands with soap after seeing this…
dirty things on dental floss

Oh yes…these are what your eyelashes look like up close.
eyelashes up close

If you ever had lice this is what it really looks like, so all you parents make sure your kids heads are washed thoroughly!

This looks like a clip off of an alien movie of some sort, where an abduction is about to take place. But in fact, this is just what a banana looks like up close and personal.
banana up close

You probably never wondered what salt & pepper actually looks like…
salt and pepper close up pics

The naked human eye sees something totally different then what this majestic close up picture of “snow” brings out.
snow close up image

A pic of Orange Juice almost looks as good as it tastes bright and early in the morning.
pic of orange juice under microscope

These everyday things we eat like this strawberry may make you think twice about what you consume inside your precious body today.

Most of us have eaten at least one of these Mint Chocolate Bars in our lifetime. It amazingly looks like an erupting volcano under a more powerful view. All of these normal things don’t seem normal anymore, so take a conscious peek in the everyday things you decide to use in your daily routines.

Rare footage of normal things under microscope will make you have a different perspective on life after watching this!!!

Via: Youtube
Via: LifeBuzz And Buzzfeed

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