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Jonathan Papelbon Chokes Bryce Harper For This Unusual Reason

Everything was lined up for the Nats’ this year, having arguably the best MLB offensive player, Bryce Harper, in the game and one of the top best pitching arms, Stephen Strasburg as well. This was supposedly was going to be the year the Washington Nationals would win it all. But not everything goes as planned, especially when you lack team camaraderie.
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The Washington Nationals’ horrible season continued Sunday with closer Jonathan Papelbon deciding to take it upon himself to go after the best player in the game for not hustling down the first base line after flying out.

After Harper flew out in the eighth inning, the closer Papelbon could be seen saying “you gotta run that f—— ball out” to the future N.L most valuable player, who didn’t care for the comments. Walking down the steps of the dugout, Harper then started jawing back verbally at Papelbon, who responded by physically going after Harper with the one-handed choke hold move, which describes the disappointing season they have had.

The two teammates were eventually separated by teammates and coaches. Who would have thought the best baseball fight ever would be amongst teammates…Lol!

To the public I guarantee this has been an ongoing issue for the entire year, concerning the lack of hustle from the great superstar Harper’. He has been known for being the “I” guy in a game where the purity of hidden baseball rules only exist in between the white chalk. In this case, it doesn’t matter how great you think you are, there is no one individual who is bigger than the game!

Jonathan Papelbon and Bryce Harper fight in dugout.

Via: G4MarchMadnessHD

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