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These Nascar Fights Will Have You Shaking In Your Boots…#4 Is The Craziest

It doesn’t matter what sport it is, sports fights tend to break out in all aspects of any sport. Recently, since the new playoff format has been implemented within Nascar, drivers are even more pressured to win. Of course, winning is everything in sports so when a driving opponent is at fault for a loss, you will tend to see some of the best Nascar fights you have ever witnessed in you life break out. You decide which one is your best.

5. Robby Gordon vs. Michael Waltrip, 2005. Robby Gordon was fined $25k, after he was wrecked by Waltrip at New Hampshire. Gordon nonchalantly climbed out of his car with helmet in hand, walked directly onto the track, with cars breezing by him, and so ever so easily tries to chuck his helmet through Waltrip’s window net.


4. Matt Kenseth vs. Brad Keselowski, 2014
Keselowski’s has been in a few Nascar fights, but his most memorable one came in Charlotte, after he made contact with a few drivers. Kenneth tracked him down in between the haulers after the race.

3. Tony Stewart vs. Joey Logano. In 2013, Denny Hamlin suffered a compression fracture in his back and was sent to the hospital after a crash with Joey Logano, had a hell of a day on this afternoon. In the last few laps, Logano blocked Stewart on the final restart. After the race, Stewart resolves the issues on his own by confronting Logano at the pit stop.

2. Jeff Gordon vs. Brad Keselowski. In 2014 Jeff Gordon’s was on a verge of winning another title until contact with Keselowski ended Gordon’s run at the title. Gordon was highly angered after Keselowski tried to thread the needle after a restart causing Gordon to have a flat tire. Take a look as Kevin Harvick’s shove started the whole fight.

1. Cale Yarborough vs. Donnie Allison. All the way back in 1979, Donnie Allison and Cale Yarborough got tangled on the last stretch of the 1979 Daytona 500, in which they accidentally ended up taking each other out handing Richard Petty the win.

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