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What Is The Point Of Life & What The F@*k Do I Have To Do To Change It

If you old enough to drive, the question “What is the point of life” has probably pondered in your head at least once in your lifetime. It seems like everyone has their own different terminology on what exactly is the right path to so-called “happiness.” Go within, meditate, control your thoughts, you are the divine, except Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, Buddha, the book of Koran that says Elijah Mohammed is the mediator to heaven, etc. For goodness sakes, there are roughly 4,200 different religions in the world currently right now as your reading this. And everyone one of those religions agrees theirs is the correct one? Come on, something doesn’t seem right, someone has to be wrong…Right? Or maybe they all are right? Meaning maybe they are all correct, perhaps it only matters what each of us individually believe in. What if there is no certain way to live on this earth and maybe our purpose on earth is whatever we want it to be? Scroll down if you really want to change your life:

4,200 different religions in our world today…
how many different religions in this world

In March of 2015, did you know they recently discovered a piece of a human jaw bone in Ethiopia that dates back over 2.8 million years ago. So basically the oldest human being ever found is almost 3-million years old. So this means the theory that I learned as a child of Adam and Eve, where God made them in a matter of minutes and they fell out of the sky, would be totally out of this discussion. If we are finding human remains that dates back this long, it means some kind of evolution had to occur and it surely means the beginning on man did not start with a human being being made from nothing. This proves we had to start from somewhere.

Have human beings evolved so much, now we are capable of almost manifesting whatever we want in life right now? Do we have such power? Think about it this way. Did you know one percent of people in this world own all the wealth? Doesn’t this sound a little weird to you, that only one percent of people in this world own all the wealth in it. If this doesn’t seem odd to you, then something is definitely wrong with you! This means most of us will work a 9 to 5 job for 60-70 years on this earth, then hopefully retire and then off to a place we call “heaven” next. Of course we had to make up a better place in our heads, because they make life on earth so sh@*tty and wasteful. Most of us will live our whole lives saying,”if I only had a million dollars” then life would be perfect.” Have you ever payed attention to what you have learned in your first ten years of schooling. Abraham Lincoln??? Who gives a crap about learning about a president who lived many years ago who actually was forced to free slaves when he was in term to get more votes!!! How come we never had classes on love, how to be happy, leadership, confidence, self-esteem, dieting or eating healthier, sex, owning a business, etc. Whoever created “capitalism” is a freakin genius! Create a brainwash slavery system where we are taught in our childhood school system to work for somebody else and not the other way around. This is why you are probably not the 1% to ever make it out of the rat race. Because for your entire life you have been taught to not be in control of you thoughts and your life. This is why most of us are so damn miserable and unhappy because who the hell deep down inside likes working for someone else, being told what to do your entire life, stuck for life because you have to have this job or you will be exiled out of life forever. Tough system but it surely works!

Deep down inside our souls is telling us we should and can have whatever we want in life and all we have to do is be strong enough to control our thoughts then we can manifest anything we want. But how can we, when we were taught we are “not good enough” for our whole lives and especially when all the people around you have this same belief that they are not good enough as well. Now you wonder when something unexpectedly great comes into our lives, our first thought is “it’s to good to be true, we don’t deserve it.”
In conclusion, it’s going to be a son of a bitch and the hardest thing you will ever do in life, if you decide to try to be strong enough to control your thoughts and feelings. It depends on how bad you want it! All I am saying is no one really knows what happiness is, but I believe happiness is whatever EACH of us individually believe it is! So to be happy nowadays, you have to pay the price…Literally! Good Luck.
Scroll down below if you want to change your life:

These books will help you out tremendously if you are serious about finding what your true happiness is. Read them over & over, as many times as it takes. Don’t ever quit, that’s what society wants you to do is to quit and to stay stuck in the rat race.


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