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Is Confidence The Key To Success And Is It The Key On How To Be Successful

The Key To Success

It seems like successful people have some characteristics in common, whether we are talking about an oil mogul, or about some geek that made it big with a website. This characteristic is the self esteem and trust, which allows them to follow their goals with determination. This way, their dreams can become a reality. Are you able to develop the same skills? Of course you can. Lets find out the the answer to How To Be Successful.

What is self esteem?
In fact, self esteem is an important subject that can be talked for hours. The Science of Self Confidence is a program of six hours created by Brian Tracy, which approaches this exact subject. Tracy found out self-esteem played a huge role in How To Be Successful. Most of the time instead of beating ourselves up over “Self Assessment” at that moment the only need is to break out of the spell we put ourselves in by watching a motivational video, doing something physical, or do a specific tasks towards something you desire. One of these things will definitely snap you out of your spell you maybe under.
One of the main goals in life should be to have a strong will, and self esteem, if you don’t have that already. We need to be convinced that we can achieve anything that we want. Self-Esteem in fact does play a huge role in the key to success. Visualizing the goal and making it happen is one of the most important characteristics of a winner, and you can’t achieve any important result if you don’t have that.

The Key To Success
However, if we visualize what is confidence and what we want to do, the places that we want to visit, the car that we want to drive, but we don’t believe that those can be achieved; we are doing this imagination exercise for nothing. Although visualizing is the key to success, but the way we talk and the way we feel are a lot more important. Maybe it is better to imagine the feelings of joy and happiness that we will feel when we will achieve our goals, and it will be a lot easier to achieve many other important goals.
For example, you can write on a piece of paper the answer to the question: Which is the thing that you dream about, a thing that you would want to do even if you know that you might fail. This exercise is recommended by Bryan Tracy in the personal development programs. In fact, don’t note just one thing, but note all the things that are important, if you know that success and failure are not options for you.

What Is Confidence

Lack of trust means failure
What are the reasons for which you still don’t have what you want? What is keeping you in one place> certainly, one of the reasons for which you can’t do what you want is the lack of trust in your own forces. You thought about doing those things many times, but you ended up with the conclusion that you can’t do what you want because you don’t have enough money or time.
As you can see, all those reasons have lack of trust at their base. Thomas Edison is maybe the biggest inventor in history, but he only attended formal education for three months. Even so, he had 1000 patents on USA, Great Britain and Germany.
Albert Einstein was kicked out of school, Michael Jordan was excluded from the high school basketball team, and Walt Disney was fired because of…lack of imagination! If you have the required trust, you will be able to overcome all the obstacles that appear in your way, just like those important personalities did. Here is one of the best authors on “Success” Brain Tracy book Maximum Achievement is a great read if you are ready to change your life today.

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