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Fear Is Not Real

Fear is not Real

 Fear Is Not Real

If you want to defeat fear, the only way is to face it. Anyway, sooner or later, you will have to do that, as the law of attraction does not allow any other perspective. You will face the fear because every feeling that you put in being afraid is wasted. You could do so many things if your feelings are not wasted for fear. You might not believe it, but fear and enthusiasm have the same launching mechanisms. Therefore, it is easy to transform fear in the enthusiasm of facing the fears.

What is fear?
Fear is a feeling given by the fact that you are out of the comfort zone. Each person has a familiar zone, where he or she feels safe. When you face the experiences from outside your comfort area, you become nervous. Your heart beats faster, you become nervous, and you feel an empty stomach. Great American Writer Napoleon Hill wrote his most controversial book he had ever written called “Outwitting The Devil” in which he explains how to conquer fears as well.

What are the solutions?
Identify fear in the slightest detail. What are you afraid of?
1. Public speaking
2. Rejection
3. Getting fired, starting your own business or not reaching the objectives
4. Bad news
5. Failure
6. Heights

Well, those are only the common reasons for fear, as there are many others. Once you have identified the reasons of your fear, you can get to the next level.

If you have identified the fear, the next step is to act. The majority of people just run and hide. What is the result there?
– Lowered self esteem
– Frustration
– Sabotage of success
– A life that becomes boring, without interesting events

Is it worth it to pay the price, to avoid fear on the short term? Many people are ready to pay the price, just to avoid discomfort. Action is the best method to face fear.
“I can do that, no matter how I feel. I am proud of me! It is not the event that bothers me, but my own thoughts!” During an important event, the hormones of fear are released in the organism and used at their maximum capacity. When you act, the signs are diminished, and the fear disappears. In fact, during the action, the fear might transform in enthusiasm. It is important to try to find enthusiasm when you feel only fear. It is the feeling that will lead you to the final victory.

Some helping “things”
– Evaluate what gives you the negative state – there could be three ways for the end: the end that you are afraid of, the worse end, and the most likely end. What can you do so the end would correspond with what you want?
– “What if” can be easily completed with “So What”. For example, you want to start the exercise program, but you are afraid of cramps. What if I will have cramps can be transformed in “So what if I have cramps”. Those will disappear after a while, so there is no problem. At least you tried, and next time, you will do it better.

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Psychology Degree at Long beach State and a retired Ex-major leaguer who is always looking for more. I am a free lance journalist as a hobby in having the dream of inspiring someone in need. i encourage all different types of journalists in placing their passion of words throughout the site.

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