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Should Parents Spank Their Children

Should Parents Spank Their Children?
Some kids are so naughty that their parents can’t retain themselves from spanking them! While any kind of physical correction is legally forbidden in the majority of civilized states, spanking and beating remain two of the most common methods to correct children in many other countries. Some say that a child can’t receive a good education without beating, but this affirmation was fought by many specialists.

Why should we not spank our children?
The children that are beaten at the age of 2-3 years old will become aggressive when they are five years old. Tests made by psychologists from the Duke University revealed that the children that are spanked at this age have weak results at psychological tests, and the “marks” will affect the child for his or hers entire lifetime.
Unfortunately, there are still parents believing that violence is the best method for a child to learn. This eliminates communication, and it also leads to more violence.
Discipline must not be made through corporal punishment, no matter how severe the mistake is. The Pediatric American Academy considers that the strategy that limits the access of the child to toys is a lot more effective. The child will have the time to think about what he has done. If efficient communication is added, then the problems will be solved in an efficient manner.
Another study made at the Tulane University revealed that the development of an aggressive behavior for a child comes from other factors also: lack of affection from the mother, violence and aggression between parents, material stress and depression, alcohol abuse of parents and so on.
“I don’t want to be a monster like him…”
Valentina, a 19 years old girl from Romania told us a horrifying story about her childhood, when she was beaten by her father. The psychical “marks” are observed even now, and they will be observed for a long time. “I was a part of a family where I knew what beating is. I was always humiliated, terrified and frustrated. I was the subject of frustrations from a father that was also the subject of his father’s frustrations”.

“Many times, I was held in the bed, trembling from fear when I saw the giant shadow that continued to hit me. It was a period when I was developing as an individual, but I was only developing fear, guild and humiliation. There was no reason for beating, but it had to be at least once a week. I was only a child, but the memories still haunt me”
Valentina is not aggressive, but she told us that every day is a struggle with her tendencies to hit something or somebody.

It is not a unique case. 60% of the children in this world are still beaten, even if the percentage is smaller every year. However, we still have a long way to real civilization, when we could say that all the children in this world are safe from their savage parents.

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