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Will Smith’s new movie “Concussion” Is Terrifying The NFL

It has been an open-ended agenda for the past years and now the NFL’s concussion crisis is about to hit the big screen, terrifying the heck out of NFL head executives. Due to come out Christmas Day, you can see the trailer for the first time right here, “Concussion” starring Will Smith.
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It stars Will Smith as doctor Bennet Omalu, the real Pittsburgh forensic pathologist who first discovered a neurodegenerative disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in the brains of football players. It is repeated blows to the head which is the cause of this disease. CTE is the result of repeated brain trauma over time and causes depression, dementia, and other behavioral changes. The NFL tried to cover up Omalu’s discovery.
House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing On Football Head Injuries

In 2002 Omalu found the discovery of CTE in dozens of deceased football players, has transformed the football world upside down. Many question whether football can ever be a truly safe sport. This is the number reason why newly NFL players had recently retired, even with a full career ahead of them.
abc news

Doctors knew that boxers who were repeatedly punched in the head could develop dementia in the long haul. But it wasn’t until Omalu examined the brain of former Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Webster who died at the age of 50, who suffered from severe depression and dementia before dying of a heart attack.

Omalu cut slices from Webster’s brain and took a look at them under a microscope, he was surprised to see tangled proteins and other similar signs of CTE. A year later, Omalu examined the brain of another Steelers player named Terry Long. Who’d killed himself at age 45 by drinking antifreeze and he saw the same picture.
Omalu stated: “This stuff should not be in the brain of a 45-year-old man.” “This looks more like a 90-year-old brain with advanced Alzheimer’s.”

Even though scientists don’t really understand how repetitive brain trauma causes the disease, this movie is going to piss of the NFL and you better believe these NFL execs will be fighting in hopes of keeping this movie off the big screen.

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