How Does Worrying Affect The Body?

How Does Worrying Affect The Body?

The effects of fear and worries on the body were studied scientifically. The doctors introduced a tube in the stomach of a patient, measuring the effects of the mental states on the secretions of the stomach. The acid secretions depend on the worrying states.

For example, a man was worried that a colleague of him died, and he was obsessed that he will suffer the same faith. His stomach troubles started because of that, especially because he tried to hide this problem from his colleagues, and even from his wife. The stomach of another patient secreted “waves” of liquid when he was talking about his thoughts about his wife cheating on him.



The Pavlov effect

Besides the punctual effects of worrying on the body, there are also the effects generated by a certain event. For example, the girlfriend of a young man died exactly when the church bells were heard. From that moment, whenever that person heard the church bell, he felt anxious and annoyed. This lasted for years, and it was only solved with psychological treatment.

Our phobias are also reasons for our body to act abnormally. A young man was afraid of crowds, so he didn’t want to get married in public. However, his family obliged him, and he fainted three times before the marriage, and one time after it.

What are the causes?

It was concluded that the fear has multiple effects on the body. In the last case, the young man fainted three times before the wedding because he was afraid of crowds, and one time after, because of his wife that insisted for a big wedding, even if she knew the problems of her future husband. The faint after the wedding was caused because of emotions, and because the young man was forced to do something that he didn’t wanted to do.



Medics say that worrying and anxiety provoke more ulcers than any other cause. It is impossible to control some of our emotions, but at least we can prevent their effects. For example, if you know that you have a certain fear and you know that you will have to face that fear, it is a good idea to take a stomach pill before, which will reduce the effect of secretion on the stomach. Moreover, eating before an emotional event is another good idea. This way, the secretions will have something to “consume”.

Of course, this does not solve the main problem of anxiety. Eating and taking pills will only reduce the effects, but the patient must eliminate the causes. The psychological treatment is the best method to reduce the effects of fear on the body, at least on the long term.

Besides stomach secretion, fear provokes trembling, rapid heart beatings and a faster blood flow. It is important to reduce the effects of fear, as sometimes, those could lead to heart attacks. The problem is that fear and anxiety are complex problems, and without special treatment, it is difficult to get over those unwanted problems.

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