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How Do I Stay Asleep Through The Night…This REALLY Works

I am a horrible sleep and I can’t stay asleep the whole night if my life depended on it. Please someone help me! Most of the time many of us can’t sleep through the whole night can be a variety of reasons. One reason is we toss and turn all night long trying to get comfortable. There is nothing worst when you have a deadline to wake up in the morning at a certain time and you can not fall asleep. You are in luck, here are certain things you can do to stay asleep through the night.
stay asleep through the night

Hide the clock. Stop checking the alarm clock to see what time it is, since knowing what time it is will only stress us out even more. Keep the clock or phone under your bed so you can’t look.
clock on night stand

Most of the time we can’t fall asleep at night is obviously because we have too much stuff racing through our heads. So it maybe a great idea to right down your thoughts on a notepad or in your phone. If you have many things to do the next day then do a “to do list” to relieve your stress.

Cool yourself off with a fan or turn the air conditioner on. Lowered estrogen levels can cause this common menopause symptom. If this happens at night, the rise in your body temperature will likely wake you up.

Ask your snoring spouse to sleep somewhere if their sleep apnea is that big of an issue. Sorry, this is the last resort but if you really need your sleep sometimes we have no choice but to choose.

Adults only!!! It is hard but our beds are only so big and is only fit for two people so keep your kids and pets out of the bed!

Ditch the electronics. Ban all electronics from your bedroom…This means turn the t.v off, cell phones stay in the other room and iPads are out of sight. Remember, the last things we are looking or thinking about right before going to sleep is the perfect time for our subconscious minds to store that info in our brains. So be careful what you watch before going to bed.

Try meditation. Try laying on your back arms and legs spread out relaxed as much as you can. Then think about the things you really want in life for about five minutes. Usually you will be asleep before you know it if this is done correctly. This does wonders so try it!

If everything seems to fail then it might be time to see a sleep specialist. Sometimes in life we need help so don’t try to do everything on your own. It’s like if your car breaks down and you try to fix it yourself when you know nothing about fixing cars what so ever. So don’t waste time and ask for help.

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