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You Will Never Guess The Country with the Highest Divorce Rates

Divorce Rates

Countries With The Highest Divorce Rates

With the available stats it is evident that divorce is serious problem in many countries of the world. Stats released every year suggest that still much is to be done to arrest the gravitating problem of separation. Marriages are falling apart every passing day. One is left wondering what can be done to save marriage relationships that are at risk of seeing the light of day. Well, we must admit that the increasing cases of divorce show a strong slap on the face of the society. In the section that follows, you will learn of the countries that are leading in the cases of divorce in the world in 2014. It is important, however to mention that the stats are changing every time and that these countries are listed randomly.


Even with level of development in Canada, the country is yet to address the persistent problem of divorce. This is strong indication that family ties are weakening every passing day even with level of development in this society. Marriage partners are rapidly developing the need for freedom even after taking the marriage vows. Sadly, the Divorce Rates in Canada has been experienced so far has increased by over 50% from the 2013 numbers.


The United States of America is enjoying multicultural interaction. However, it is sad to note that the rate of divorce among the citizens is quite alarming. Comparatively, the rate reported so far is 5 times higher than that reported in the year 2013. It is sad to imagine how a country enjoying multicultural interactions is failing in the marriage matters signaling weakening family ties. Might this be the effects of development? Well, this issue is quite debatable.

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For the year 2014, the United Kingdom has equally topped the world in her alarming Divorce Rates. The family principles are weakening every passing day. Married couples are having multiple affairs which bring disturbing questions on the principles of marriage. Comparatively, the rate reported in the year 2014 has already stood at 53% from those reported in 2013.

South Africa

Africa has not been spared of the problem of divorce. Most African cultures strongly advice against divorce but with the increasing cases of divorce reported every year, it is obvious that the cultural principles that jealously guarded the institution of marriage has weakened significantly. In the year 2014, South Africa is representing African with its high rate of divorce. Currently, the divorce rate stands at 61.2% from 34.5% reported in 2013.


Just like the countries discussed above, Divorce Rates in Ukraine is equally facing the challenges for failing marriages. The increasing male domination of this society is probably forcing women to demand freedom from their significant other. As more women file divorce petitions against their partners, they encourage other women facing oppression in their marriages to seek freedom thus the compounding cases of divorce. Interestingly, cases of divorce have increased over 43.5% compared to those reported in the year 2013.

Divorce Rates


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