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How to Approach A Girl Without The Fear Of Being Rejected

How to Approach A Girl

I look around just to see many men without a purpose in life. When it comes How To Approach A Girl and relationships, those are totally disoriented. They get in love from the first sight every day, falling into some kind of dream. They don’t know how a woman works or wants, and their way of behaving near a girl is at least childish, needy, showing a lot of desperation.

The truth is that you are 50% the image that you have about yourself, and 50% the image that others have about you. Build your personality so you could become

– A leader of other men
– A man that does not complain or begs for attention
– A man that could say Thank You and which has the elementary rules of common sense
– A man with a vast general culture that does not make a fool out of himself
– A man that can handle being alone, a man with hopes and dreams
How to Approach A Girl
Contrary to the expectations, women are not concerned about how good a man looks. However, this will not make your life a lot easier. In the order of importance, women are attracted by:

– Men that make them feel good
– Men that make them laugh and have fun
– Men that they can trust
– Men that make them feel protected
– Men that have a social statute, showing money, power and influence
– Men that look good

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I don’t want to start a debate about the list. For some women, the priorities might be a little different, but this is the general list. All you need to do is to experiment. Women are capricious. They want something today and something else tomorrow. The trick is to anticipate their wishes.

Let’s suppose that you met a girl and you want to be with her. What you need to do?

Be a man. Your time is important. You got things to do stop being at the disposal of every girl that asks for your help. Instead of creating attraction, you will enter the friend’s zone, until you are told: “Let’s just be friends”. Let’s face it, men have enough friends and drinking buddies, so besides one or two girls that men know since childhood, they don’t need other girls as friends.

Try to be less available and you will be respected. Women that see you as a selfish person will also respect you.
Don’t let a woman to control your program. The moment in which a woman checks your phone or asks you where you are is the moment when you lose control. Impose your own rules since the start. Give trust and you will receive the same. Women appreciate a man that can rule instead of a child that can be carried away.

Don’t spend money with women. It is a bad investment. This does not mean to be cheap, but if you take a girl that you have just met in an expensive cruise just to impress her, you are a fool. Unless you know that the woman really deserves your attention, it is better to resume presents to a bouquet of flowers and to some candies now and then.

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Sherrlene Reno

Relationship Psychology Degree At University Of Cal State Northridge. Currently has own current practice in the fields of Relationship And Partners in Motivational Psychology.

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