Percentage Of Failed Marriages

Percentage Of Failed Marriages

Today, divorces are more common than marriages, and this is simply the world we live in. The diversity of thinking and the different aspirations of people made it harder for couples to communicate, to find common goals and things that they like to do together. Another reason for divorces is…speed. We are used to organize our time, to use every second and to be occupied all the time. People make plans, and if the plans fail, they panic.

A woman that says “I am 25 years old and I want to get married before I am 30” will panic if she will not be able to find somebody by the age of 28. Moreover, she might even be satisfied with the first man that she finds, just because she wants to reach the 30 years goal. If she does not know her husband well, as soon as she achieves the goal she will start thinking if what she did is right. “OK, I am married before 30, but this is not the guy I want to spend my life with.” This is only one of the feminine ways of thinking. Men have their reasons for getting married too fast, and for divorcing even faster.

If you are in this kind of situation, before making the big step, maybe you should check some statistics. Maybe you will think twice, or you will wait a little more instead of taking this step too early.

Statistics about marriage

The average age for women men that get married in the world is 26-28 years, and for men, this age is 29-30 years. The average age for divorce is 40.7 years for men, and 36 years for women. The average duration for a marriage that ends with a divorce is 12 years.

In the total of men that get divorced, the biggest percentage is of those with the age between 30 and 34 years, 21%. 20% of men that get a divorce are aged 35 to 39, and 18% are aged 40 to 44. You might think that men over 60 years old are wise enough? Might be, but 2% of men divorcing are in this age category.

Officially, there are 30% divorces from the total number of marriages in the world. This percentage does not show the entire truth, simply because there are many differences between cultures. While in the Islamic and traditional Christian families, the rate of divorce is smaller, in the “modern” families living in big cities, the percentage is huge. In fact, 50% of couples living in cities with more than 1 million people from Europe and America will eventually divorce at least once.

Why this happens?

First of all, getting a divorce is easy, especially if the family does not have a house or children to share. For this reason, the rate of divorces is bigger for couples married for 3 years or less. When a child and a house appear, people will think twice before divorcing, and this is why the rate is smaller for couples married for 3-7 years. For people that are married for 7 to 12 years, the percentage is also high.


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