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You Are About To Witness The Best Synchronized Groomsmen Dance Ever

This is not the ordinary first dances you are use to seeing at a wedding involve a bride and groom taking each other’s hand and doing the simple ordinary slow dance routine that we all are accustomed to while all of the guests look on while dabbing their tearful eyes.
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But it helps a whole lot when the actual groom is a professional dancer who decided to get the help of his eight groomsmen to take the floor with him so he could perform this epic wedding dance. This eight minute wedding dance routine will be the best minutes of your life after you see this!
best wedding dance ever

Kirk Henning took to the floor with his eight friends at Richmond CenterStage in Virginia and danced to a mix of songs starting with “Uptown Funk You Up” by Bruno Mars while his wife sits on a chair.


The bride, Valerie Tellmann-Henning, coicidentally is a ballerina with the Richmond Ballet and the performance took place on the same stage where couple use to share the stage together as dancers. The footage, which has gone viral has been seen over 250,000 times since the video hit the internet stream, shows the groom making his way towards his bride as the Bruno Mars song Uptown Funk is playing. Valerie is so amazed she can barely keep herself still in the chair, as the eight groomsmen get into position on stage and the dancers begin striking poses like they had rehearsed for weeks for them to do a presentation like this. The groomsmen and groom, all wore identical tailored tuxedos, then the synchronized group danced together as their guests gracefully cheered them on.

Kirk had actually started the planning his wedding dance process four months in advance of their July 25 church wedding, while he actually sent out tutorial videos over email to his eight dance men, I mean groomsmen.

Kirk said: ‘I knew how important it was to her. So I figured, we’re going to do this or die trying.’


This video is awesome, where at the end the bride and groom end up in each other’s arms.

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