What Women Want In a Relationship So All You Men Listen Up

Find Out What Women Want In A Relationship
Women are complex creatures, so there is no wonder that their partners are not able to satisfy them with all their weird wishes and desires. Well, men don’t have to sit on their head to make women happy. In a relationship, some simple things that prove your devotion might be just enough.
1. Respect
First and foremost, if you want to find out what women want in a relationship you will have to fully Respect her. This does not mean to approve with anything that she is saying, or that you need to do everything that she asks. However, this does mean to allow her to do what she wants, without trying to change her. Treat her like you want to be treated. Be respectful and understanding.

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2. Romance
You come home after a date scratching your head asking yourself,”What Do Women Want In A Relationship?” Romance is the answer!!! You don’t have to pick her up from work with a bouquet of roses every time, but some romance could not hurt. Pay attention to what she likes and try to surprise her now and then. A long walk in the park during the night, a romantic movie or some simple gestures that you used to do at the beginning of your relationship is what you need. Offer her flowers without an apparent reason, and surprise her with small gifts when she expects the least.
Transform a simple night in a special one: light up a candle, put some music and cook dinner. Remember that you don’t need a diamond with tens of roses to impress her, as one flower given out of passion is more than enough.
3. Communication
Girls like when you talk with them because this means that you are implicated in the relationship and that you are interested about what she wants. Moreover, she knows that you love her, but she needs you to tell that now and then. Don’t miss any occasion to tell her that she looks great, that she is sexy and that you are happy with her.
Thank her for the delightful dinner that she cooked, and show her your appreciation. It is not a huge effort, and the results are amazing. Just try and you will see.

4. Sex
Women love sex with the man that they love, but you should keep in mind several aspects: surprise her with a massage, with kisses and tender gestures. Show her how attractive you consider her, and how much you want to be with her. Make sure to create a nice décor, and make her feel the most wanted woman on earth.

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5. Time
Many times, women are only looking for attention. She wants a few moments with you, so you should spare that from your precious time. Renouncing a night out with guys to be with her is a nice gesture, which makes wonders. This way, you show that she is your priority, and she will treat you the same way.
In the same category, we can also put the time that you are willing to spare for helping her: to cook, to clean, to take care of children, and also to work together for the things that must be done around the house. Be implicated in the relationship and show that you are responsible.

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