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Billions Of Jellyfish-Like Creatures Are Mysteriously Washing Up Along West Coast Beaches

Scientists all over the world have been baffled by the billions of jelly -like-creatures that have been washing up along the west coast of the U.S. These species are known as “wind sailors” or velella, velellas. The unusual thing is these little creatures have been washing up shore all the way from the California coast to British Columbia. There is not a lot of information behind these little sea critters, except they are about 4 inches long and have a gas-filled fin. Daily Mail reports, it means wherever they have traveled from they are highly dependent on wind and currents. They almost are identical to regular jellyfish except for the fact their stingers are too weak to puncture the human skin, not like regular jellyfish can do.



These creatures due travel in groups by the millions and they only eat animal plankton. The bright blue jellyfish creatures are gas-filled so they will float and rise above the surface of water. Across North America the numbers of velella washing up have been astronomically off the charts adding up to the billions.

Even though velellas are very common in the ocean world, outside of the ocean we know very little about them.


Velellas or these jelly-like creatures are bright blue and four inches long. Take a look at the similarities with regular jellyfish.


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