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These Russian Mobster Tombstones Are Nothing Like You Have Seen Like Ever Before

Do you remember growing up watching all those mobster movies? Maybe you even believed the mobster life was fiction? Just like watching the movies, mobsters have never been nice to people and never would shy away from getting exactly what they wanted. When you think of mobsters, you think of drugs, expensive cars and a whole lot of cash. The Russian Mob have dominated the market in getting everything they want in life. Here is the real deal…And yes, mobsters still exist. Here is the truth of the craziest tombstones at Russian cemeteries you will ever see in your life. And yes, these are real!
There is nothing more than Russian Mobsters love more than Mercedes Benz cars.


These are not paintings, these are actual tombstones of Russian Mobsters. Really!

Amazingly this great art work is not the work of Da Vinci. But still awesome. Notice the Benz in the background too.


I don’t think this was a one day turnaround job on this one. Wow!


Notice the detail in the rims?


I guess BMW’s are a suitable alternative.


I guess all of them don’t prefer cars. They want to be kings.


Yes, motorcycles can be popular too.


Pretty impressive!!!


I think they went against the grain on this one. That’s not a Benz?


Very simple and clean.




The art work is so great it looks real.


This is an impressive gravestone for a woman even though it is not as common for a woman to have one.


Check out the bottom of it!


No one will have any issue finding this gravestone.


He will always be known as a great businessman.

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