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Hot Famous Actress Jaime Alexander’ Reveals Her NAKED Dress To The World

She was a little embarrassed from all the attention the dress received. She said,”You know, I am embarrassed to say it, but I think I was a little bit naïve. I had no idea it would get that much press. I swear on my life, I had no idea,” she told Yahoo at the Pathway to the Cures for Breast Cancer: A Fundraiser Benefiting Susan G. Komen. “I have four brothers. I’m a sporty girl. I’m not someone who is provocative. But I love fashion, and that dress — to me — was superhero-ish.”


She has featured in movies such as Thor, The Dark World, and hit show Agents Of  S.H.I.E.L.D. 

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The gorgeous actress got the looks that could possibly be the most essential thing why fortune and luck favors her. She also the most gorgeous body, she is something to die for. With her abs so firm for her flat and thin tummy. She has something for others to envy. She has also the talent that makes her a real deal. Jaime was hailed from California USA, and was born on March 12, 1984. An only rose among four brothers. She has shown her acting potentials at a very young age and no wonder she receives numerous nominations as well to her acting career every time she is lasted in a movie or series.
She was first ignited the flame of her career on ABC Family Channel Network in Kyle XY TV Series as Jessi who is a troubled, show off girl with human super powers who is forcing her way to the world. Her role in that series was truly amazing and made her busy with the list of project she is due to make. She also appeared on CSI Miami Series, as Jenna York who is a flight attendant connived in a murder case. She was also casted in Bones where her role was Marley Briggs, a student connected to the victim in the episode.

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In 2013, she was part of Savannah film directed by Annette Haywork-Carter. This film was about World Allen and she showcased an unbelievable acting skills. Among those extraordinary roles she has given life on the big screen. Jaime Alexander has been known the most when she was part of the high-grossing and talked-about film Thor. She fantastically portrayed in role in the movie that earned her so many nominations during film festivals. She was not able to land one but to be recognized for a job well is already something she can be always proud of and already a very huge edge over actresses in her time. She is currently doing the Broken Vow due to open sometime next year.
Jaime’s star continues to sparkle like her dazzling way of life. She always shines in all the things she does even in her life behind the spotlight. Many are into her getting involved with Peter Facinelli, whose ten years older and has been her boyfriend for years now. Peter was known as he portrayed a role on Fastline shown on Fox channel and his role on Nurse Jackie as Mr. Cooper. He has three children courtesy of former wife Jenner Gath.
It can be said that Jaime, found consolidation and belongingness on someone who she shared the same interest with, her and Peter are into roles that takes a lot of vigor and are really challenging.
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