10 Of The Hottest Actresses In India That You May Have Never Known

Hottest Bollywood Actresses

Hottest Bollywood Actresses.

India gave us some of the most charming love movies, which we like to see over and over again. The charm of those movies is given by the good scripts, but also about the breathtaking looks of the actresses. Here is a top of the most popular Bollywood actresses today.

10. Sonakshi Sinha
She debuted with Salman Khan in Dabangg, and since then, she is solicited for the best movies around. It has a classic retro style that is so attractive in a world where every actress wants to be the role model of the new generation. Find Out Who Is #1!

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Hottest Bollywood Actresses

9. Alia Bhatt
She is one of the spoiled kids of Bollywood, as the daughter of Mahes Bhatt, but this is not the main reason for which the actress is so popular. Working with Karan Johar in the debut movie is something, and we also expect some good other releases with her in the main role soon.

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Hottest Bollywood Actresses

8. Sonam kapoor
The former model is one of the Bollywood uprising stars. Her roles also confirm that the Punjabi beauty is to be one of the most interesting names on the scene. She always wins the fans with her charming appearance and with her bold behavior.

Hottest Bollywood Actresses


7. Parineeti Chopra
It is the current Bollywood diva, because of a bubbly image created in a short time. Only two movies in her career and she already made more buzz than other actresses in a lifetime!

Hottest Bollywood Actresses

6. Ileana D’cruz
One of the established actresses of Bollywood, Ileana is known from the Phata poster that made her the favorite poster actress for so many fans.

Hottest Bollywood Actresses

5. Anushka Sharma
The ruling queen of Bollywood is here again. Many actresses dream about having at least half of her success. Her incredible smile and the breathtaking attitude made her the symbol of feminism in Indian movies.

Hottest Bollywood Actresses

4. Katrina Kaif
One of the actresses that is not afraid to try any role, even if they are not suited on her style…apparently. Katrina is able to make any character interesting, and to prove that women are not just good looking, but also talented.

Hottest Bollywood Actresses

The reward for the best butt of a bollywood actress probably goes to Katrina.

3. Priyanka Chopra
The Pigi Chops is indeed one of the fashionists of B-Town, an actress that is elegant both on scene and in interviews. She is the highest paid actress in 2013, and her single with Pitbull brought her international recognition.

Hottest Bollywood Actresses

2. Kareena kapoor
Already a classic of Bollywood, the actress impresses more and more, especially because she is on the screens like forever, but she is still la fresh appearance.

Hottest Bollywood Actresses

1. Deepika Padukone
The tall actress became a superstar in Shahrukh Kan’s Om Shanti Om, imposing as a modern figure with an attitude.

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