Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her New Sexy Black Bikini After Swapping Out The Yellow

The sexy reality star might have tried to cover it all up, but it sure didn’t stop her from revealing her sexy black bathing suit strutting towards the pool in Mexico.


She was seen just hours before showing off her sexy bright yellow elegant bikini beginning the onset of the Kim Kardashian swimsuit wear. Looking identical to the sexiest actress in India Deepika Padukone, Kim once again has everyone women reaching for their gym memberships. The beautiful porcelain doll is flawless as she brushes her hair back while sporting her enormous sunglasses. She looks very relaxed to me.

I guess we all can be relaxed if we were at the luxurious Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. It must feel good to be a star? At least on the outside!

The photo taken of the beautiful star was taken just hours after seeing her in an even more sexier bikini in bright yellow. She is usually known for not being afraid in expressing herself in her Instagram Photos. Do you think she loves the attention? Maybe just a little bit.


Past Bikini Photos Of Kim Kardashian.

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