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Britney Spears Shows Off Her New Bikini Bod & Insane Yoga Poses

The 33-year-old pop star still looks amazing! She impressed her fans on social media while posting these pics of her doing some strenuous yoga poses on Thursday. There is a reason why Britney Spears bikini body seems to never go out of style.
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britney spears yoga pose

The mother-of-two is seen grabbing onto a wheel while doing an extreme yoga backbend pose, while her forearms are cemented all the way on the floor behind her while her feet are raised up to her tippy-toes. This is an exact reason why Britney Spears sexy legs look like this.
Britney Spears Legs2


britney spears ass

Britney Spears established herself as a pop icon in the early 1990’s and was credited with the revelation of teen pop during that time. She then became the best teenaged selling artist of all-time.
britney spears sexy legs

She has sold over 100 million albums worldwide and over 100 million singles which made her one of the best-selling music artist of all-time. Yes, she has had her troubles and tribulations, but no one can take away from what she has done for the pop music industry. Here is a look at her bikini pics and what all her handwork has done due to all those yoga poses.

Spears has many accolades including being named the sexiest woman in music by Billboard. Forbes magazine reported that Spears was the highest paid female musician of 2012, with earnings close to $58 million. In her early childhood years she said,”I was in my own world and I found out what I’m supposed to do at an early age.”

Britney Spears Hot UNSEEN Clips…

celebrity outdated
Spears is far from perfect, but she has done amazing things in her career thus far. It’s almost like she has done so much the obvious is she is set for life, especially with such a fan-base she has created throughout her career. No matter what she decides to do in the future, she has nothing to lose!

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