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10 Of The Most Mysterious Creatures Caught On Tape Will BLOW Your Mind

Have you ever wondered what the heck is truly out there? I mean, the truth is us human beings only know of about 10% of what is out there in space. I even think the percentage is way less than that and those numbers are projected in our galaxy. So what about the rest of space that we have no idea about? Is there another world of species that are more dominant than us? Well, these mysterious creatures you are about to see may change your mind on if you believe in aliens or not.

10) A flying white ghost was caught on tape in the forest in an Indonesia cemetery. You can see the image looks like someone is playing a prank wearing a sheet of his body, until the flying ghost bolts into the sky in a matter of seconds. Creepy!!!
flying ghost indonesia

9) Two researchers, Jason Heel and Jason Dunn film a mysterious creature in the woods, now know as the “morning visitor.” You can see his glowing eyes if you look real close in the video down below.
morning visitor

8) If you grew up loving comic books then this is the one for you. A human-like creature seen here flying in broad daylight in Delhi, India. What the heck is this? I don’t even know what a humanoid is!! After you watch the video, it will freak you out as well.

7) A real dragon sighting videotaped in England and again almost in broad daylight. I guess dragons are for real???
dragon in england

6) I never thought Tinker bell would come to life, but after watching this creepy little winged fairy you will be amazed too. Look at the little legs this crazy creature has.
fairy creature mexico

5) Do you remember the movie “Splash” starring Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah where she played a real-life mermaid in the movie? Well, boys your dreams have come true! These amateur hikers spot a so-called real-life mermaid in Israel. It maybe tough to see in pic so watch video down below.
Scroll Down for video:
mermaid israel

4) Three college students filming a short film in he ocean discover their own Loch-ness monster.

3) Angel like being falls from sky was caught on tape in Indonesia. You will find these weird phenomenons occurring quite often in countries like Indonesia.
huffington post

2) This definitely will freak you the f@*k out. A huge spider-like creature in Russia caught on tape climbing on buildings.
creature in russia

1) Man who runs a tree planting company discovers the “New” Loch-ness monster, as he steers his boat alongside the creature.
See video down below:

These types of mysterious creatures are seen all over the world in a variety of places. Are they a hoax or real? I guess we all have to decide for ourselves for now!
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