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These Cool Optical Illusions Are The Best Of All-Time

It’s extremely weird in what the human naked eye perceives as being real and not real! It’s a fact that every single human should be seeing hundreds and hundreds of whatever object we are currently looking at right now, but our eyes actually play an optical illusion with our own selves. This video will help demonstrate on how these cool optical illusions are really not so real at all…Unless you think they are?
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The human eye is stronger than we think. Our eyes are so strong that if the Earth were flat and if one of us were standing on a mountain, we would be able to see for miles ahead. According to experts, the human eye could see the flame of a candle on a dark night at a distance of up to 48 kilometers, or 30 miles. These cool optical illusions make us human beings truly wonder, what we are truly capable of if we knew are that e can know about ourselves.

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