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10 Of The Weirdest Animals You Never Knew Existed On Earth

Scientists are finding new species every single day and now we know why! Most people in the United States have zero idea that these 10 animals even exist on earth. These weird animal species will blow you away once looking at these pictures. These are actual species and not a combination of two animals combined.

1.) Markhors: Found in Afghanistan and Pakistan these are species of the wild goat. There are only 2500 of these types of animals that actually exist in the world, so if you happen to stumble across one please don’t try to take one home as a pet.


2.) Gerenuks: They are found in Eastern Africa and if you think they look like antelopes then you are correct because these species are in the antelope family. They are extremely picky eaters and are known for their long giraffe-like necks.


3.) Patagonian Maras: These little miniature looking kangaroos are actually large rodents found in Argentina. These animals are herbivores that look like a mix of a kangaroo and rabbit.


4.) Tufted Deer: They are found in China and have long vampire looking fangs and usually are independent wanderers. And yes, cover your necks because he might try to bite you and suck your blood out.


5.) Maned Wolves: This elegant cute fox look-a-like are not so sweet, they are actually tough carnivores that live in South America so be careful.


6.) Tanuki: They are also known as “Raccoon Dogs” which are found in East Asia and I know what you maybe thinking, but “No” they are not anywhere near the raccoon family. They share climbing trees with the North American Grey Fox.


7.) Lampreys: They are jawless fish that suck the blood out of other fish and humans. They have been on this earth for over 300 million years and there body hasn’t changed one bit. They are also a parasite that kill off species of fish humans eat. Basically this specie is horrible for us.


8.) Amazonian Royal FlyCatchers: These beautiful looking birds are found in the Amazon, with their sharp beak they can catch flying insects and bugs on leaves.


9.) Southern White Whale Dolphins: This awesome species looks like a torpedo when it is in the water. They have no dorsal fin or visible teeth but they leap out of the water just as the average dolphins does.


10.) Star-Nosed Moles: These are the weirdest looking things ever! These moles can be found in parts of the United States and Canada. They kind of remind you of the thing in the “Predator” movie starring Arnold Schwartznegger.

These have to be some of the weirdest looking different animal species I have ever seen in my life. Make sure you tell everyone by sharing about these odd looking animals to all you friends on Facebook.

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