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#1 Reason Why The Houston Rockets May Never Win A Championship

It’s not that basketball fans are picking on the star Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden for his lackluster defense, but everyone is starting to see his lack of effort on the defensive end. This may be the number one reason why the Rockets may never win a championship any time soon. We all know about their whiny center Dwight Howard who had a fall out with his former team Los Angeles lakers. We all probably figured out Howard would not mesh well with the most non-caring of what people think competitor in Kobe Bryant, versus Howard who is the totally opposite of that. So now you put the softest center in the league with the worst superstar defender in the league and you get this.

Year after year, the Houston Rockets guard has been criticized for his defense but this is embarrassing. It’s not that anyone cares that he so bad on defense, more of us care about the lack of effort he shows on defense. Take a look down below for more of these ridiculous efforts. You would have never guessed he was this bad until you watch below.

Bleacher Reporter quoted this:
“I spoke to several members of the USAB staff, and behind the scenes they were amazed at how good James Harden has become as an overall player since his last tour with Team USA two years ago. The fact that he came in and was focused on being a lockdown defender blew them away.”
I must be blind to the fact that these videos above must not be real or something, because it looks like he is playing street ball defense. I am probably not giving him the benefit of the doubt and hopefully his team the Houston Rockets can straighten him out! Share this with all your sports friends on Facebook and see what they say.

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