True Facts You Would Never Guess About The Navy Seals. Unbelievable!

Navy Seals Movie

Tremendous Navy Seals Movie of how these 6 men journeyed through one of the most vigorous training sessions in becoming a navy seal. True story and real footage in this Navy Seals Movie. Great Inspirational Video on the Navy Seals.

Back in 1962, President John F. Kennedy officially established a small military force and named it Navy Seals. The Navy Sea, Air and Lands military agency was assigned the primary responsibility of conducting Unconventional Warfare for the benefit of USA. This agency conducts small yet high impact missions that high profile forces cannot handle. Additionally, Seals carries out vital reconnaissance missions before the larger conventional forces make critical strikes. Here is an awesome Inspirational Video of 6 men trying to attain their goal of becoming a Navy Seal.


How Navy Seals came to be
We can learn many facts in this Navy Seals Movie to bring us back to when the Japanese bombed the Pearl Harbor in 1941, the incidence blocked the US troops from entering Japan. However, they sneaked through the sea and invaded the Japanese territory even though they faced dangerous landmines.

To counter these enemy attacks, the US Navy started forming and training a 6 man teams that could ashore and safely clear the paths of any risk or obstacles while returning intelligence on the locations of the enemy. These teams, otherwise named Naval Combat Demolitions Units underwent thorough physical training that involved running, carrying heavy loads and swimming. Such training helped them maneuver tight rivers and shallow oceans using boats.

In 1943, the US Navy realized the need to train these groups on how to handle explosive when the Korean War broke out. This training could help them perform underwater demotion clearing the path for the larger groups could attack. They could destroy significant targets of the enemy like tunnels and bridges thus ambushing the enemy.

When North Vietnam was fighting with South Vietnam in 1960s, the US wanted to send help to their ally, South Vietnam. It was at this time that there arose the need to form a special operations unit since the Green Beret was already set up. By supporting the training of the Underwater Demotion Teams, President John F. Kennedy commissioned the establishment of the now Navy Seals. With their intensive training, they were always ready to take their responsibilities wherever they were assigned.

Navy Seals Movie
Rational of the establishment of Navy Seals

Almost a half of the world’s population and established infrastructure is a mile away from a river or ocean. Unfortunately, large ships are limited by depth and will rarely negotiate shallow oceans and/or rivers. The US needed a Special Operations unit with a littoral capacity to run maritime military operations. Navy Seals was therefore established to help in such situations. They could be sent to accomplish a specific high impact military mission.

To be able to accomplish such critical missions, the Navy Seals are trained to operate in environments for which they are named. The unit can adapt in any climatic environment ranging from the scorching heat of the desert to the humid jungle to the freezing arctic. Equally, they can operate from dangerous mountainous regions or violence prone areas so long as they are on an enemy hunting mission. With terrorist attacks in particular places of the world, the unit is sent to even remote areas to quell the situation. With their training, they can operate comfortably from air, water of land.

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Navy Seals Movie


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