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Fans Flock To See McDonald’s Most Hottest Worker In Taiwan

McDonald’s is by far considered to be on the top of the fast for restaurant chain game for being a premier food restaurant. Or is it even considered in most places in the world to be the most glamorous place to work. However one server in Taiwan is bringing sexy back, as she is the main attraction at this McDonald’s branch.
Scroll down for video below:

She is the hottest attractive at any McDonald branches maybe in the world.

Hsu Wei-han, has been attracting a boat load of customers to her branch of the fast-food chain in the city of Kaohsiung after she was discovered by a blogger named Raindog. The blogger Raindog spotted the asian doll-like beauty and noted that Wei-han, who is also known as ‘Weiwei’ or ‘Haitun’ (‘dolphin’ in Chinese), was cute and wore a pink shirt and heels.

In less than 24-hours the McDonald’s worker has exploded to fame after the blog post received more than 6,000 likes. Everyone one has been flocking to see a glimpse of her.

Despite her surge in popularity some readers have accused the blogger of photoshopping the pictures and some are even claiming if the cute wide-eyed woman even exists at all.
Her Instagram account speaks for itself, where he account indeed has selfies and now she is at a loyal fan base of a whopping 29,000 followers.

Many have accused the blogger of photoshopping the hot Mcdonald’s waitresses photos.
hot Mcdonald worker

She has been called the ‘cutest McDonald’s goddess in Taiwanese history. The country’s branches are famous for dressing up their female employees in cute themed outfits. Watch the McDonald’s cute goddess live in action as she wears her cute pink and white maids outfit.

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