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Awkward Moment When Suge Knight Jokes About Shooting Easy-E With Aids

I ran into an old friend of mine awhile ago and he told me about a time he was in Montreal, Canada for business reasons and his friend urged him to get out one night to have a drink or two. Little to be known, the one club they decided to go to walks in the infamous owner of Death Row Record label Suge Knight and coincidentally sat in the booth right beside them. My anonymous friend said he had the most eerie feeling like never before in his life, while his little voice in his head told him to get the hell up out of there before something very terribly wrong happens. So they got up and left the establishment and that was that. Don’t know what happened the rest of the night.

Well, on Jimmel Kimmel Live Show, the host Jimmy almost has the same awkward eerie moment but the only difference, in this video they were on National Television where poor little Jimmy had nowhere to run. He even tries to soften the mood as Suge Knight was fresh out of jail at the time, so Jimmy decided to where a bullet proof vest. Look what Suge had to say about that as well. One of the most feared men in the music industry displays his true colors once again. This could be ranked as maybe the most awkward moment in talk show history. Take a look!
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