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How To Become President Of The United States. Is It That Difficult?

How To Become President Of The United States

How to become president of the united states is a very intriguing question. Of course, you must be a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the united states. Follow here for Citizen Questions.
1) You have to meet the eligibility guidelines of the U.S Constitution. You must follow the Article Guidelines of the U.s constitution.  
2) You must test the waters of pre-candacy process. Serious candidates must prepare a year in advance. Next step is to form a political action committees to broaden a candidate’s visibility, to test the appeal of the person running nationwide.

3) You must declare candidacy and file and file applications with the federal elections committee.
4) Fundraise and campaign
5) Parties Primaries ,Caucuses and Delegates
6) Party Conventions
7) Next is General Election Campaign: The Final Candidates
8) Election Day: Wining the Popular and Election Votes

how to become president of the united states

Choosing the President of the United States is not as simple as it is in other countries, but it is the base of the American democracy, which is considered one of the functional state organizations of the world, maybe the best of them.

The system is based on indirect elections. The Americans will in fact elect a group of electors, united into an Electoral College.
This college, created with the 12th amendment of the Constitution in 1804 counts 538 members that will choose the president and the vice-president.
The winners of the presidential elections will be chosen from the two parties that propose the president, The Republicans and the Democrats.

The role of electors in choosing the president
Every state is represented by electors. Their number is equal to the one of senators and Congress representatives. The District of Columbia, with the capital Washington does not have any representative with a right to vote in the Congress, but it has three Great Electors.
As a comparison, California, as the most populous state in USA has 55 electors. In Texas, there are 38, and in Florida, 29. The states with less population have at least three electors.
In case the score is equal, choosing the president is the role of the Representatives Room. This happened in 1800 and 1824, so it is not common. In this situation, the vice-president is chosen by the Senate.

Why is the system imperfect?
The question surrounding how to become president of the united states is as difficult and imperfect question that can be answered. The system, it is possible for the president to be chosen without an absolute majority, which happened in 2000, but also in other three cases in the United States history.
This is possible because in all the states, with the exception of Maine and Nebraska, the candidate that obtains the most votes is represented by all the electors from the respective state. This way, in California, it is enough for one candidate to obtain one vote more than his rival, and he will get the vote of all the 55 Great Electors.

The Last Election
Because of the system, Obama and Romney were privileged in 10 key states from 50, including Ohio, Florida, Iowa and Colorado. Those could get from one “camp” to the other, being able to decide the results of the elections this way.
The great electors, many times chosen locally, reunite in the capital of every state to choose the president and the vice-president in the first day of Monday that follows the second day of Wednesday in December. This means that the US president is usually elected before Christmas, once every four years.
It is weird, but nothing obliges the electors to respect the popular vote. there were 700 proposals to change the Electors College in the favor of direct vote were proposed during the last 200 years, but nothing ever changed. Obama is the 44th president of the United States.
The system was proven as unfair so many times, but it is believed that this creates the structure of the almost-perfect democracy, so it is not expected to change soon. There are some people asking for direct elections all the time, but this is a delicate matter that will hardly change.

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