Fun Things To Do In India. Prepare Yourself To Be Free

fun things to do in india

There are many fun things to do in India. Incredible palaces, historical monuments, temples and architectural wonders, but are those the only things that you can do in India? Sure, a visit here without taking a photo of the Taj Mahal is worthless, but besides this, you need to have some fun! If you want to do this, you need to know what are the fun things to do when you visit this country. We can tell you that there are many of those!

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Tipping In India
Sure, the tourism agency arranged everything for you to feel like a king, but a few extra bucks left at the reception could give you access to some incredible ideas! Try to avoid too much tipping in India because beggars can be relentless. The receptionists know everything that it is to do for fun around your hotel, and they are also willing to arrange transportation, a guide, or everything required to have some fun.
tipping in india

Dancing In India
India is the country of festivals and dancing. There is always something to celebrate, and staying on one side and looking at those happy people might be one method to attend, but how about implicating yourself a little more? You can join the party, without worrying that you can’t dance like the professionals. Dancing in India is contagious so feel free to join in the celebration. Indians are welcoming and always ready to socialize, and you will feel like a part of the celebration!
dancing in india

Dining In India
In India, finding a restaurant is fun. You can choose the traditional ones where you will feel like in the 17th century, with dancers and incredible menus that you never heard about.
If you are looking for junk food, you can ask for chaat-paapdi, or for dahi-bhalle, but there is also the fine cuisine. Well, the international cuisine is also at home in India, but it is a pity to come here and not to have a taste of what the Indian kitchens can do.

India is the shopper’s paradise because it is cheap, because you can find unique items that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, and because bargaining is a way of life. Pay attention to the special discounts schemes, calculate your budget and pay attention! Shopping is fun when you bargain, but the prices might sound so small that you will end up with tens of useless items bought and with no money in your pocket.

Don’t offend the sellers by not bargaining. What? You mean that the seller is offended if you accept his price? Maybe “offended” is too much, but you will see some disappointment, at least. Bargaining and talking about the price is one of the Indian traditions, so don’t be surprised if a seller invites you for a cup of tea while you talk about prices.
shoppingin india

Travelling as a method of entertainment is not for anybody. Many prefer the luxurious planes with Wi-Fi and special service, but if you really want a taste of India, you can think about travelling 1000 miles with one of the local trains. You might be forced to stay on the stairs, or you will be crowded amongst thousands of other people, but some think that this is fun! Anyway, it is one of the Indian experiences that can’t be lived anywhere else in the world.

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