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The 9 Things That Happen To You When You Die, According To These People

Are you religious or not? What happens when you die? The honest truth either you have faith in your religion or you won’t truly know until it is your time. There have been so many books written on the afterlife, so many cases where many people have said they died and come back to life. The most creepy and at the same time mysterious, all of these strangers shared similar experiences while “dead” on earth. This may give you chills throughout your body. Creepy!
1.) The Light: We have heard it all before, the “light at the end of the tunnel.” The majority of people who have experienced death on earth have all said they seen the same light at the end of the tunnel.


2.) Out Of Body Experience: The people who have experienced this have all said they can see their physical body separated from their spiritual body. We know this as the “out of body experience” where they see their lifeless body beneath them and can’t do anything about it. The creepiest thing about it is they all say they could see everything that is going on in the room and even everyone who is in the room.


3.) They See Guardian Angels: Most claim to see at least one guardian angel or spirit looking over them and taking care of them while going through this experience. Some of them have said the guardian angel is their guide momentarily before heading back to their physical bodies.


4.) You are visited by your mother: Many of them say they were visited by their mother while they were dead wherever they died at.


5.) They see their dead relatives: Many people who have died here on earth and come back to life say they saw all of their relatives while passing through the afterlife. So if you have a big family then you better be prepared.


6.) Life flashes before their eyes: Many of them say their lives flashed before their eyes meaning you better get ready to see all the good and bad moments that happened in you lifetime. They say it was like seeing a full slideshow of their life.


7.) You can see everyone and hear them: Many people remember seeing everyone in the room where they are lying there dead, trying to interact with the people in the room but they can’t because their body is lifeless while their spirit remains awake.


8.) Sense of peace: Most of the people say they felt an overwhelming sense of peace and calmness. They say it is such an unbelievable feeling that the soul doesn’t know how to comprehend such a wonderful feeling of the peaceful sense.


9.) You don’t want to return: The experiences of death most of them say is so peaceful and calming making them not wishing to come back to their earthly lives at all. Can you imagine that? Experiencing such a wonderful feeling you don’t want to come back. Wow!

Can you imagine having such a wonderful feeling internally, away from all the crap you have to deal with in your head while here on earth. The bills, break-ups, job sucks, etc. Oh well, I guess that is just life, when times get rough on earth is the time to dust yourself off and get the hell back up until you get what you desire here on earth. In the mean time the afterlife may have to wait!
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