Take A Look At The Top 5 Highest Grossing Movies Ever.

5 Highest Grossing Movies Ever

Maybe the list of the 5 highest grossing movies ever is not so relevant when it comes to quality of movies, because the movies that attract people in cinemas are the spectacular ones, not the Oscar winning ones. Well, the movies that you will see in the next list got their shares of Oscars, but those were for technical achievements, screenplays, special effects or makeup. Even so, the list contains some memorable movies that will remain in the history of cinematography.

5. Frozen $1.2 billion
This movie might be a surprise in this top, but the name of Disney probably helps this huge success. Frozen is a computer animated story about a fearless princess that needs to make an incredible journey with her pet, a snowman, and a mountain man. It is the highest grossing animated movie of all time, and a huge surprise for many. It also comes with two Academy Awards for the Best Animated Feature and for the Best Original Song.

4. Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows – Part 2 $1.3 billion
It was expected for the last part of the seven books of Harry Potter to be a success. When the directors decided to split the last movie in two parts, some said that it was a mistake, and that the profits will be divided between the movies. It was not. The controversies which were “fed” for ages by the producers created a great interest for the last part. The second part of the last Harry Potter brought in cinemas not only the viewers of the first part, but also occasional Harry Potter watchers. This lead to an incredible success of this movie, which was indeed the best adaptation after a book.

3. Marvel’s The Avengers $1.5 billion
The Marvel characters are a warranty for success, but The Avengers really made a difference. Iron Man, Hulk or Thor make an impression whenever they appear on the big screens, but when they are put together in a movie, the result is beyond expectations. The Avengers is the highest grossing Marvel story, and it will probably remain here until another Avengers takes it place.

2. Titanic $2.1 billion
The 1996 version of Titanic is still one of the most important movies of history. James Cameron is indeed the most important director of the world, and Titanic proves exactly that. A replica of the Titanic was created exactly for the movie, which had an immense success by that time. Almost 20 years later, we still consider Titanic as one of the best achievements in cinematography.

1. Avatar $2.7 billion
Having one movie in this top is an honor, but having the first two of them? James Cameroon proves that any movie made by him is a guaranteed success, and a multibillion business. Avatar is the highest grossing movie in history, and if there will ever be a better movie in this top, it will probably be a James Cameron movie. On the other hand, the commercial success was not followed by artistic recognition, as Avatar missed the Oscar in 2009 when it was released on the big screens.

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