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The Moth And The Flame Video Young And Unafraid’ Goes Viral…See Why

What an awesome video about life in general? The music band The Moth and The Flame’ came out with new music video that is going viral. The Utah-born, L.A.-based band released their & EP in 2013, and have been touring heavily ever since. This is a first look sneak preview of maybe one of the hottest most vial videos available right now as you read this. An old man skateboarding doing some young man skater tricks is a site to see! They said this…
“We all grew up on skateboarding and decided a cool skate video would be something we would want to watch. When Rebecca ran across a YouYube video of Neal Unger, a much older skateboarder, we all in fell in love with the idea of him being front and center. Neal took up skating later on in life, and to us he is a true example of someone who is Young & Unafraid.”


The Moth and The Flame music band is a force to be reckoned with, especially after seeing an uplifting video like this. What a great concept of an older gentlemen living the life of a young man on a skateboard. It’s like it is storytelling the life of us all, meaning it seems like our struggles in life NEVER ends and we all let time flash before our eyes. That is unless we do something about it and decide to live in the present moment. So simple but so hard but at least we know man can do anything! Be on a look-out for the up and coming music band The Moth And The Flame because they are surely on to something big in the very near future.

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