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Little Kid Is Drowning In Lake…Until Something Miraculous Happens

Little kid is holding on to a rope for dear life until something miraculous happens…Whether you are in a pool, lake or any type of water on you own account we all have the take certain precautions in making sure our safely is intact. Especially when it comes to a child or kid drowning. Take a look at the event that takes place while this kid is holding on to dear life until this happens…

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Seriously…Here is a kid drowning prevention fail…I guess learning to swim is ALWAYS a good tip. LOL!


Have you ever seen a “Danger” sign like this basically saying,”Warning make sure you don’t drown?”


Really? The sign says,”If you see someone drowning call 911.” Then have the audacity to put “LOL.” Us humans in this world are getting crazier and crazier. LOL!


I only have one word for this ridiculous ad…OMG!!

We might as well throw in these hilarious pool fails compilation to start your day off with a laugh. Trust me your stomach will not stop hurting from laughter after you watch this.

Okay, all shits and giggles aside…These videos here are just to help us all relax a little bit and enjoy life a little bit more as well, especially living in this crazy hectic up and down world we live in. But all jokes aside, please lets make sure all of us our taking the correct precautions of kids water safety when they are around any type of water.

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