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How To Store Cigars At Home While Keeping Them FRESH

You will find out that one of the most important aspects of how to store cigars at home is keeping them fresh. You don’t need to run out and grab a big expensive humidor in keeping your cigars fresh and moist. So you don’t need a fancy, expensive humidor to keep your cigars in a prime condition. Here are some more affordable alternatives for keeping your cigars fresh at home.

Cigars should never be kept in a place that is liable to grow mold or fungus. Basically do not store your cigars inside any damp areas like your basement. If you do these mold and fungus spores will have a feast on your cigars because it is a natural vegetable product. So if you plan on storing your cigars in your basement then make sure it is cool and dry.

It’s not a good idea to store your cigars in places that have a dramatic changes in temperature. Such as places like attics and partially covered patio areas. So it is a better option to store your cigars inside the house.


You probably have heard storing your cigars in zip lock bags will preserve your cigars. Well, you are correct! Actually zip lock freezer bags will work the best for you. Although no bags are 100% airtight, freezer bags have the tightest seals.


Using a plastic container is another alternative way to store your cigars around your home. Even though these containers are not airtight, the only downfall just like zip lock bags is they don’t allow your cigars to breathe the way a humidor would.
cigar in tupper ware
Don’t forget if you plan on using this method then it maybe a better idea to buy a new tupperware so you do not have the chance of any mold build up because of any leftover food in your old plastic containers.

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