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NBA Star Point Guard John Wall’ Gets Mad And Dunks On Trash Talking High School Kid

For some odd reason watching certain things on television seems a whole lot easier from the couch. “I can do that, I can beat him, He’s not that good!” We all have been a victim to it at one time or another. Here is a perfect scenario of this kind of exact situation. NBA Star point guard from the Washington Wizards plays a high school kid one on one. At first it seems to be a casual game of NBA player playing nonchalantly against an admiring young inspired basketball player hoping to make it to the same elite level. But some folks never learn and always has to learn the hard way just like in this example. John Wall seems to let his competitive emotions get the best of him, after this high school teen starts hitting a few shots while his teammates are rooting him on. Watch at the end of video when Wall gets mad and ends up dunking on the poor kid. The NBA point guard shows us more than his insane ball handling skills, to show us he can dunk the ball as well.
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Recently cut by the USA basketball team, Wall is a little ticked off. He states,”I guess I am overlooked again. I guess I have to prove myself one more time.” Last year, Wall proved he deserved a max contract before always being scrutinized for his lack of shooting ability, his tattoos and everything else. Now they are saying Wall needs to develop his skills more, even though there is no denying his talent. Now this 24-year old star needs to prove to the world one more time.
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