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Hottest Toys 2013! Find Out The Best Toys For Your Child?

You might not believe it, but there is an Oscar for toys! Yes, the hottest toys 2013 do receive Oscar Awards! The coolest of them on all categories are chosen as winners, and they become instant successes. The prizes are awarded in a lavish ceremony in Los Angeles, and there were even some surprises amongst the winners!
The ceremony is named Toys of The Year Award and it becomes more and more popular with every year!

1. Razor Crazy Race Cart
It was a huge success for teenagers in US, and also internationally. It is the first Toy of the Year title won by this company, with this small but incredible versatile race cart.
It currently has thousands of preorders all over the world. The vehicle is inspired by carting sports, and it brings the fun at a new level. Teenagers can race, drive, steer and avoid obstacles, even if it is easy to drive.

2. Rainbow Loom(Choon’s Design LLC) received recognition as a Creative Game, but also as the Best Toy For Girls, for its capacity of stimulating the creative thinking of children, teaching them how to use their hands to create great things.

3. The most appreciated toy for boys is Minion Dave from Despicable Me 2, made by Think Toys is one of hottest toys 2013

4. The prize for the best smart toy goes to the LeapPad Ultra from LeapFrog, an educative tablet for children of age 4 to 9.

5. The Educative Toy of the Year is GoldieBox and the Spinning Machine from GoldieBox, appreciated for its capacity to develop space thinking capacities, and creative constructing.

7. The best toy for children with an age under 3 is Big Hugs Elmo from Playskool. It is a fluffy toy that likes to be hugged, and which gives a hug back. It was a great recommendation for one of the hottest toys of the year.

8. The Most Innovative Toy is Zoomer from Spin Master. It is the perfect electronic dog for families that can’t have a pet in their house.

9. The preschoolers can develop their medical skills with the best Preschoolers Toy, Doc McStuffins Get Better Checkup Center from Just Play.

10. The Best Brand of PC Games was Minecraft, from Mojang AB.
The prizes are important for the toys industry, because they are considered the most important method to anticipate what would be the best toys of the year. Any toy that receives a prize in this ceremony becomes an instant success, which means a great recognition for the respective company. The prizes are also diverse, covering all the ages and preferences. Just by looking at this top, you will probably find three or four toys that must not miss from your kid’s collection.

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