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Her Creepy Obsession Has Broken Up Many Relationships And Has Taken Over Her Life.

I have heard of having a few collectibles on my top shelf, but this is ridiculous! Natasha Goldsworth is 29-years old and she has a little Hello Kitty obsession. Just a little bit though! Take a look as she closes in on her almost two decades worth of Hello Kitty collectibles.

Here is what 15 years of collecting Hello Kitty looks like. From the picture I thought it was a girl surrounding by candy canes in a genie bottle.


I think it would be safe to say Hello Kitty has taken over her life.Even her dress is covered in Hello Kitty.


It doesn’t stop there, even her kitchen is filled with her obsession. I wonder if she is single by any chance?


Don’t miss out on the cooking accessory collectibles.


Natasha says,”I live in my little pink lagoon with all my kitties, they cheer me up and I like having them around me.”



For 15 years she has spent an estimated $85,000 in total.



Boyfriends in the past have tried to make her give her obsession up, but she refuses saying it is just part of who I am and I am not changing for anybody.

She says she is running out of room for all of her collectibles. You think?


She has even turned down relationships and dumped guys because of her obsession with her collectibles.

Daily Mail


Here is a video on the woman who loves her collectibles.

I think we would all agree when she finally is ready to get married we will know what her wedding theme will be. I wonder if she will have the groom in a Hello Kitty tuxedo? We will have to wait and see! Share this amazing obsession with the world on Facebook letting everyone know to “Never give up on your obsession!” Lol.

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