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These 20 Confused Dogs Seem To Have Lost Their Identities And Want To Be Cats So Bad. So Cute!

For some odd reason these dogs have decided they do not want to be cats anymore. All of these dogs decided from now on they will act like cats. Use to be man’s best friend, now these particular dogs decided to ditch their identity of being a dog and ventured off to bigger better things.

1.) Move over kitty cat, there is a new king in town.



2.) I seriously don’t know how I impossibly got way up here.



3.) Ok…You get the top bunk and I will get the bottom one.



4.) How the heck did I get up here? I love the view though.



5.) I wish to be a cat so so badly…



6.) I might be just a tad bit big for this apparatus. Oh well.



7.) What are you looking at?



8.) I have one more flight of stairs to go to get to the top of the empire state building, but this kitty cat seems to be in my way.



9.) This is the most uncomfortable kitty litter I have ever seen in my life, can someone get me a new one!



10.) Umhh…I don’t think this was such a good idea, maybe I want to stick to being a dog after all.



11.) I just wanted a few chips!



12.) I so wish I was just a little bit smaller so I can move around better in my new house.



13.) If it’s the last thing I do on this earth, I will fit through this cat door. I promise you.



14.) Can someone please close the front door, I’m feeling a little breeze coming in.



15.) This is by far my favorite place in the house to take my perfect cat nap.



16.) I am past my prime so I don’t think I will be making it up to the top of the mountain today.



17.) Yes, these are all of my beautiful kids of kitty loving fun. I make such cute kittens don’t I?



18.) So cute!!!



19.) Whatever you can do I can do better!!!!



20.) Who do you think you are, don’t you know you are not a damn cat. So get out of here!


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