See What The Top Comedian Kevin Harts Net Worth Is

Kevin Hart is a comedian, an actor and an entertainer. In fact he is considered to be the best comedian out there right now. So lets try to figure out Kevin Hart’s net worth. His incomes are diverse, so it is impossible to establish how much money he makes. He probably doesn’t know it exactly, but we can make some estimation. However, before making those estimations, we should see how Kevin made his money.
Personal Life
He was born in 1979 in Philadelphia, a place that will always remain in his soul. He attended the George Washington High School. During high school, he discovered his talent for entertainment, so he moved to New York to pursue this career. He wanted to go to college, but his increasing popularity made him to think more about  becoming an entertainer. Two years later, he was working on all kinds of weird jobs, trying to survive while he was making a name.

Pic Of Kevin Hart And Girlfriend Eniko Parrish

Professional life
His acting career is not as prodigious as the one of being a comedian, but he admits that he always wanted to star in a good movie. When he discovered his talent of making people laugh, he joined Comedy Central to pursue a career as a standup comedian. His first success was “I’ a Grown Little Man, immediately followed by Seriously Funny. After those gigs, he was discovered by Hollywood, so appearances in movies like The 40-year-old virgin and Little Fockers followed. He was not new in acting, as he already had dozens of appearances in TV series, but those two movies brought him national recognition.
In 2003, he married his fellow comedian Torrej Hart. Their marriage lasted until 2010. They have two children together, but they decided to separate after seven years of marriage. and is currently with girlfriend Eniko Parrish.

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Eniko Parrish

kevin hart net worth

Kevin always talked about the difficult relationship he had with his father, a cocaine addict and an alcoholic. His gigs are filled with references about that, and the fact that those gigs are so good are a little ironic. Kevin says that he likes when people laugh about what he is saying, but he always feels a bitter taste when he rememorize all those moments.
Why is he so good at what he is doing? The sense of humor comes from the fact that laughing was the only method to get over a difficult childhood, an alternative to becoming a gangster or a criminal. It was the only method to get his mind out of those difficult moments, and sharing those jokes with others was the only method for him to feel better.
Pic With His Family

He fought a lot before making his first money from comedies. Today, with appearances in 20 movies and with 30 comedy shows with an international success, Kevin Hart’s net worth is approximately 50 million dollars.
However, he is far from ending his good streak. He has several upcoming projects that will make him even more famous. He says that he is expected to double his net worth during the next years, because he has some good projects coming up. We are curious to see those, and to determine if they are as good as he claims!
Kevin Hart And Girlfriend Eniko Parrish
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