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These Are The Craziest Human Body Mutations You Will Ever See

Human Mutations are birth defects that an individual is forced to live with his/hers life like this for the rest of their lives. Some of these human body mutations on certain people are extremely visible to the human eye, while others are not. In some cases there are some that are so bad, as the mutated individual’s age increases in time, their mutation gets worse as well in due time.
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Carlos Rodriguez was stoned out of his mind while driving and he got an a horrific accident by crashing this own car, while flying through the windshield landing on his head. This is the reason he has half a skull and his nickname is “halfy.” Believe it or not his still smokes cannibus every single day, even though he is now a anti-drug advocate. Some might say he has no brain?
carlos rodriguez half head

Even though he has half a head, it still doesn’t stop him from getting his hair cut with his favorite barber.

Nothing has stopped him from still deciding to smoke cannibus every single day.

Deepak Kumar Paswaan is one of a twin from India, seen here with four legs, four arms and one head. The only problem is that his other twin is attached to him. He is nicknamed as octo-boy. This was rare for the people of India, some proclaimed him as “God.” Yes…I am serious!

Good news is Paswaan recently in 2011 had successful surgery to remove his attached twin.

A baby named Eli Thompson was born without a nose due to a extremely rare condition called Congenital Arhinia.

This gentlemen may look normal, but it is exactly the opposite. Literally…He was born with a condition called Situs Inversus in which all your internal organs are reversed around to the opposite side. Basically, this man’s heart is on the right side of his chest.

Eric Moger was diagnosed with advanced Squamous Cell Carcinoma wedding to have a tennis ball sized tumor removed from half of his face.

6 of the craziest human mutations you will ever see.
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