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12 Of The Biggest Animals You Never Knew Existed. #10 Is Terrifying

Why do American love everything that’s big? It seems like we always want more in life, because everything is never good enough to some of us Americans. Why is that? We want bigger burgers and bigger everything…Well, if you want to see big then you are in luck when you see the biggest animals you may have probably ever laid your eyes on down below.

1.) Zeus, is the tallest dog ever standing on his hind legs he is a whopping 7’4.” When he is on all four legs he is still a mammoth 3’8″ tall. And yes…Zeus holds the record for the tallest dog in the world.
biggest animals

2.) Blossom, is the world’s tallest cow standing at 6’4.” Blossom is 13-years of age and is full of milk…LOL!
blossom world's tallest cow



3.) Jake, is the world’s tallest horse that makes Seabiscuit look like his minnie mie if you compared them from side to side. Big Jake weighs about 2,600 pounds and he stands at 6’11” tall. Did you hear me…This horse is almost 7-feet tall!!! Amazing..
biggest animals

4.) Here is the world’s largest cat standing at 19-inches tall. Seriously, this cat will barely fit inside your standard sink.
biggest cat in the world

5.) Romulus holds the record for being the tallest donkey in the world. He is 9-years old and is 5’8″ tall.


6.) Hercules is the largest living cat, who is a male Liger standing at 4’1″ at the shoulders and weighs almost 1,000 pounds.
biggest cat
huffington post

7.) This humungous crocodile it took over 1000 people to capture this 20-foot sea monster.
biggest crocodile

8.) Bought from the pet store for less than a dollar, this gold fish lived for over a decade and a half growing to be 15-inches long weighing in at about 2 pounds.
largest goldfish

9.) Medusa, is the world’s longest snake that lives in Missouri is over 25-foot long.
medusa, world's longest snake

10.) This is freakin amazing…The world’s largest catfish is 280 pounds. It doesn’t even look real, but since it is you better watch out because you might get eaten if you get too close. LOL!
largest catfish

11.) Patrick, is the world’s largest and oldest wombat. Patrick is 88 pounds and is 28-years old. Eat, pray and live is the way to live life!!!

12.) You might want to think twice about eating a couple of strips of bacon in the morning now…This chinese pig weighed 1,984 pounds before it died. Can you believe this? Wow.
largest pig
I never could have imagined seeing such large animals this big ever existed in our world until now. If you are lucky enough to see with your own eyes one of the biggest animals you might want to take a picture with the large animal, but be careful because these large beasts may get hungry and want to feast their eyes on you!
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