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Can You Guess The 10 Athletes Who Ended Up Being These Great Actors

We don’t see it very often, but these 10 awesome athletes did not stop after their playing days were over. Thy all ended up being not only great athletes in their line of profession, they also became pretty good damn actors too. As it is the famous actors/actresses who desire to become famous athletes, many athletes also desire to become a star on television as well. Here is a look at your favorite athletes you may have never known they played these roles as actors.

Alex Karras was very well known for the hit show “Webster” starring Emmanuel Lewis while Karras played the soft gentle father George Papadopolis. Karras also featured in the movie “Blazing Saddles” as well.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: He had a brief stint on the Miami Hurricanes football team as a linebacker before getting into wrestling. From working his way up the ranks in the WWE wrestling world to become one of the most famous champs, he is now one of Hollywood’s richest actors.


Wilt Chamberlain: The Hall Of Fame basketball center who is known as one of the best ever to play the game starred in “Conan The Destroyer” along side Arnold Schartznegger. Chamberlain played a barbarian following Conan around.


Kareem Abdul Jabbar: The All-Time great Lakers center starred with Bruce Lee in “The Game Of Death” which is a all-time classic movie. You may have remembered Kareem in his hilarious role in “Airplane” too.


Howie Long: The Los Angeles Hall Of Fame Defensive tackle starred in movies like “Broken Arrow” with John Travolta and “Firestorm.”


Terry Crews: Crews had a very short NFL career before turning into a very versatile actor with many roles included such as his newest one in the hit movie “Draft Day” starring Kevin Costner. Crews most famous role was on “Everybody Hates Chris” a hit t.v series show. Oh yeah, we can’t forget him in “Next Friday” playing the bully to Ice Cube.


Carl Weathers: The ex-football player of course is known for starring in all the “rocky” movies and we can’t forget “Action Jackson.” Almost left out that movie with the ugliest thing in the world, the movie “The Predator” starring with Arnold.


Ray Allen: One of the deadliest NBA three point shooters ever played in movie “He Got Game” alongside Denzel Washington.


Bubba Smith: Smith is well known for his role in the hundreds of the “Police Academy” movies where he played the nonchalant oversized cop who didn’t take any crap from anybody. He used his super human strength on anyone who pissed him off.


John Matuszak: Saved the best for last. The barbarian looking former Raider defensive end, for if you didn’t know he played Sloth in the hit movie “The Goonies.” Take a look at the transformation.

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