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These Hottest Commercials Were Banned For Doing This

Maybe just a little too hot for T.V. There’s nothing more sensual than getting a hot half naked woman to advertise your product, and these banned commercials are the exact definition of doing such an act. However, these sexiest banned commercials may have been exiled from regular television, but in this day and age society watches more media via internet more than ever before. Basically, the internet has become more popular than television itself!

These too hot to handle commercials range from being too sexual and too risky for these to air, and while you should quite rightly be pointed out as somewhat of a weirdo if you manage to get turned on by watching Kate Upton eating a burger or you are simply just being a “man!” Unless you are hungry for a burger, of course…Here are the hottest banned commercials ever. Hold on to your knickers!!!

Hot actress Kate Upton’s banned super bowl Carl’s Jr. commercial.

This “So Hot” planet fitness commercial will knock your socks off after you see this one. You might have a good guess for the reasons this sexy commercial was banned after you watch this!

This commercial was suppose to air in the Philippine’s but you will definitely be clear on why this T-Shirt commercial will NEVER air anytime soon. Two hot chicks scuffle in a cat fight ripping each other’s t-shirts off because of this scenario, will have you drooling for days…Wow!

Via: Huffington Post

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