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You Will NEVER See This Many Redheads In One Place Ever Again…Why?

You will never see this many redheads in one place and time ever again. That is of course if your not from the Netherlands, where they have an annual Redhead festival day bringing all the gingers in one place and time to celebrate. Prince Harry, England’s prince is one of many famous redhead celebrities who have attended this festival.
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prince henry

What’s the reasoning for all of this? Ginger or redhead bashing, which means redheads are being bullied for their different look has gained traction over the past years but it’s definitely not a laughing matter to the red-haired people of the world.

Video of the annual Ginger Festival held in Netherlands. Nothing like it in the world.

They celebrated there 10th year this september in 2015. Many redheads have claimed they have suffered through depression for being made fun of their whole lives. The “Roodharigen Festival” or Ginger Festival is a nice way for all of the people with red hair in the world to get together and for once in their lives celebrate for looking different.
The non-bullying of redheads awareness is rapidly beginning to spread across the globe. The U.K is planning to have their first Ginger Festival of their own next year.
Stuart Parry said this to Plymouth Herald: “It’s not going to be a ‘we’re gingers, we’re different’ event, we already know that, it’s just a celebration.”

Redheads are not big in numbers, actually they only make up about 2% of people in the world, but they always seem to stick together as a group. From all the famous redheads such as Carol Burnett, Willie Nelson, Ron Howard and of course the late great Lucille ball.

It’s very rare to see a group of redheads anywhere in the U.S, but the windy city of Chicago actually held the country’s first redhead festival earlier in June 2015. They had an awesome day celebrating for gingers all around the world in which they even had the perfect “ginger” food and beverage theme to go along with the event.

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