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WWE Bella Twins Has A Major MALFUNCTION During Wrestling Match…INCREDIBLE!!!

The WWE Bella Twins were born on November 21, 1983 is where these Italian heartthrobs first came into this world. The two gorgeous twins Brie and Nikki Bella are obviously identical twins who are American born model actresses. Well, everyone human being makes mistakes in life and this maybe one the Bella Twins may want to forget. You will see here while doing a WWE live skit one of the beautiful twins has a major malfunction during live television. You will want to see exactly what happened on this one…Especially near the END of the video!!! Be patient though. Warning [NSFW].

The Bella Twins shown here doing a workout on the beach. There is a reason why they are so perfectly fit.
www bella twins

The twins here shown prancing on the beach showing off their bikini bods to the world.

The WWE Bella Twin showing off her new bikini while working out with her twin sister on the beach.
WWE Bella Twins

Their real names are Brianna and Nicole Garcia-Colace who were raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. They actually are Mexican Italian descent. They have been part of the WWE since 2007, even they took a break for a year from the company.
WWE bella twins bikini

The twin sisters, who are 32 years old, have been together for the most part of their careers although they did have a short feud in 2014.

Does the Bella twins have a boyfriend? Sorry guys, currently Brie is married to Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan in 2014 just a few days after WrestleMania 30. Her twin sister Nikki’ has been dating current United States Champion for at least three years.
Brie And Daniel Down Below.

Here is the infamous video that went viral due to this wardrobe malfunction to one of the Bella Twins during live Raw WWE wrestling.

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Whether you like them or not, the Bella Twins have been the top divas in WWE. They have been a part of WWE since 2007 and aside from taking a year off to take a break from the company, they have been featured performers since they arrived.
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