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These Are The Worst Tattoos You Will Ever See In Your Life…#4 Will Gross You Out

I remember when I was 18-years old in the mid 90’s when tattoos were becoming a fad and everyone wanted to get a tattoo. At a young age like this your first thought is, “it’s no big deal because in ten years or so they will come out with a technology that will erase the tattoo, if i didn’t want it anymore when I got older.” Little to be known I reluctantly still have the same tattoo, now I fully regret. Having one of the worst tattoos embedded in your precious skin for life is a choice some of us have made. A bad choice I might add…Take a look at these worst tattoos you have ever seen before in your life.

Ok, are you serious!!! Please tell me this guy was not sober at all while getting one of the worst tattoo you have ever seen in the world. At least he can now “see” everyone..LOL.
worst tattoos

This guy or whatever the heck this thing is, freaks me the hell out. If I seen this little man walking towards me on a sidewalk, I would immediately cross the street!
10 - Cory Smits

I’m not sure if he is eating too much P@ssy these days…

This is damn near disgusting and it makes me want to doing something more than “poo” and makes me want to throw up!!!
worst tattoo on ass

Is that Michelangelo or Donatello???

I am at a lost for words on this one.

Are you serious? What the hell was she thinking…I hope this was a bet and she one a boat load of money for heaven sakes.

Is this even real???

Please read carefully.

Some people love eating at fast food restaurants more than eating a home cooked meal.
Amazing Worst Tattoos (13)

Ok, I’m pretty sure this wasn’t done professionally…OMG! This one could qualify for one of the worlds worst tattoos ever.

Now you see me and now you don’t!


She must be a diehard “Drake” fan.

I don’t think she wanted to attract all of this attention towards her breasts!
worst tattoo breasts

You can’t be serious?

So funny….LMAO!!!

Who the f@*k would get a “walmart” tattoo on their body?

Not sure if this is real…Hopefully I am correct.
You may want to think twice before getting inked with one of the worst tattoos on your body, or you will end up like these lucky people. It’s your life and I guess you can do whatever you want with your body. Good Luck!
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