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Meet The Freakishly World’s Strongest Kids

These two Romanian kids are well-known around the world as “The Hercules” kids because of their freak of nature strength and unreal physique. The Stroe brothers, Guiliano, 9 and the younger Claudiu, 7, will show you some of the most grueling bodybuilding workouts down below. Keep in mind they are only little boys! The two brothers are training to become professional bodybuilders. Obviously!!!

Scroll down for video of them showing their mind-blowing bodybuilding workouts.
kid bodybuilding workouts


The brothers are already in a line of bodybuilding which runs in the family bloodline. They go through two hour daily exercise sessions in hopes of making it big.


Giuliano the oldest son has already broken two world records for holding onto a pole lifting himself horizontally and for vertical push-ups.

The world’s strongest boys run you through a grueling mind-blowing workout routine.

The father, Lulian Stroe is determined in making his sons rich and famous as you see the little muscle men perform some of the most incredible acrobatic skills.

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